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the revolutionary new method to repair damaged human tissue

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RecoSMA is what people throughout the whole world have been dreaming about. We present to you the true way to recover youthful and healthy skin without pain or the need for any long-term rehabilitation. Turn back time with our help!


RecoSMA is the world's first «cold» rejuvenation technology. This method does not affect the temperature of the skin which remains at a stable 36.6°C both inside and outside. It does not cause any pain or damage to the skin. It can't cause scarring or change the natural pigmentation of the skin.

Secret of RecoSMA

Imagine a laser beam that is thinner than a human hair and smaller than a human cell. Yet it is incredibly powerful. Nobody before us has been able to develop such breathtaking technology.

What does it look like?

The impact is contactless and lasts for only a fraction of a second. Tens of thousands of laser beams act softly and gently. They do not cause pain, nor do they damage or heat the surface of the skin.

What happens within the skin?

RecoSMA stimulates skin cells throughout the entire depth of the skin, bringing out the hidden potential of your body. It is like flipping the switch on an accelerated skin regeneration machine.

What problems do we solve?

RecoSMA completely restores skin and soft tissues. It erases wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks. It improves the color and the texture of the skin. The procedure invokes a stable lifting effect.

The unique features of the new technology have made it possible to be deployed in both cosmetic and other kinds of surgery. In particular, RecoSMA showed excellent results in the restoration and healing of wounds as well as in the treatment of trophic ulcers and pressure sores.

Watch a video of the procedure

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On which parts of the body can it be used?

RecoSMA can be used on all parts of the body even where the skin is very tender and flexible, such as the skin around eyes, the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, in the neck and decollete areas. The absence of pain and the need for any special care allows you to use the procedure wherever you want.

What happens after the procedure?

The slight reddening of the skin goes away in one day, and then the skin starts to peel. No special care is required and in few days you can return to normal life.

When does the result become noticeable?

You will see impressive positive changes even after just one procedure. They appear within the first two weeks and a positive trend remains for a full six months. The treatment can be repeated for as many times as you wish, which will help keep your skin healthy and youthful for years to come.

Clinically proven results

Numerous independent preclinical and clinical studies have been carried out on the efficiency of RecoSMA, including studies at the Henri Mondor University Hospital (Paris). Over 100.000 procedures have been carried out in 12 countries and no complications or side effects have been recorded.

Verified by France 2

Journalists from the French national TV channel France 2 have expressed interest in this latest rejuvenation procedure. They conducted their own independent research by photographing the skin of a real patient before, during and after the procedure at our clinic in Paris. The actual results were shown in the news.

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Beware of imitations!

RecoSMA is a unique technique that was developed by Linline. This is the first truly revolutionary method of rejuvenation in more than 20 years. The procedure can only be performed using our unique Multiline laser system, the modes of which were patented.

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